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Does it seem that summer is finally here and we are letting ourselves to enjoy some glorious UK weather this week. Getting in shape is defiantly not just for summer requirement however some people get slimmer just for holidays gaining shifted inches back on return.

It really needs to be a lifelong requirement. Finding the balance of taking care of your body because you wish to stay healthy, fit and confident in it and having a life that you love living can be a daunting task and requires a lot of determination.

One of our healthy living hacks that helps to keep us healthy and our body thriving is a moderate daily exercise routine. The one we enjoy and can maintain for long.

So many people are constantly looking for the next best diet that is going to give them the body of their dreams. Diets don’t work, can damage your health and seriously affect your metabolism. Stop looking for quick fix. At the LASERINA clinic we will help you to achieve pretty amazing results in just 3 visits but you have to be fully committed too.

In our clinic we are very careful how we select our customers for slimming programmes. Our goal is to change your lifestyle not only through our treatments, but also by considering your diet and exercise routine – all in order to get healthier and fitter for life, and not just for Holiday.

The message we have at our Clinic, is To be HEALTHY. We recognise the importance of loving yourself. Of course everyone is self-conscious with aspects of their image, but for us, it is important to embrace your natural self.

Currently, we have an OFFER for some of our Slimming packages which you will find by following THIS LINK. Offer expires on 13th August 2016.

To book a consultation or a packages please phone 0161 969 4190 or email to therapy@laserina.co.uk

See you in the clinic soon.

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