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We encourage all our patients to provide honest feedback of your services. Have a look at their testimonials before deciding on visiting us for the first time, please.

Scarring treatment
Can't recommend this place enough- Irina is brilliant, no nonsense and really knows what she is doing. She is very honest and realistic and won't try and sell you treatments that she doesn't think will be completely right for you.
My burn scar has faded a huge amount which has made me feel a lot better, and I intend to return for more treatments in future. Thank you Irina!

anna nas

Lymphatic drainage
My daughter dislocated her kneecap at school. That was a very stressful and painful experience for her and for the whole family. She could not walk without aid of crutches; her knee was very swollen, and we couldn’t reduce swelling neither with medicated creams nor with cold compress. We decided to visit the Laserina Clinic for Endermologie treatment following a friend advice who had this therapy for similar injury. My daughter had Endermologie lymphatic drainage at 2pm, at 6pm the swelling reduced significantly and we could see her kneecap. The swelling completely disappeared after the second treatment. That was an impressive result! Thank you very much Irina @ Laserina!

Olga M

Hair Removal
Really impressed with the Laserina Clinic. Irena is a very warm and extremely professional lady who is very knowledgeable about her treatments. I was recommended by my sister who was having laser treatment to her legs. The care is excellent and the prices are very sensible I would certainly recommend the LASERINA clinic.

Teresa Gough

Lipomassage by Endermologie
I was looking for a professional place to do my endermologie treatments and I choose The Laserina Clinic. It was the best decision. I even travel 2 hours for my appointments, but its absolutely worth it. Irina is highly educated, has a lot of experience, gives you the right advise. She is very welcoming and passionate about her job. I have a fantastic results, my skin is so smooth and I dropped 1 size dress. I would recommend to everyone this clinic.

Sylwia K

Fungal Toenails infection
Afternoon all,
I have just been in for my 4th laser treatment with Irina for fungal nail treatment. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Irina and her staff for their friendly and comforting approach to an embarrassing condition I have had for YEARS! I am so pleased with the results so far and I can see a massive improvement. I would highly recommend Laserina Clinic for anyone with a similar condition. I now don’t need to go down the route of 6 months of tablets which had possible horrible and damaging side effects.

Thank you again Irina.


PRP (Platelets Reach Plasma)
I had PRP therapy on several injuries , my ankle I had rolled and had cortisone injections in it to try and fix which didn’t really work . Once I had this treatment from Laserina I had no problems , the swelling went and it felt really good . I would recommend this clinic to anyone for this treatment which can help fix many problems using your own blood .

Todays Taekwondo

The Laserina clinic is the only beauty clinic I trust. Irina is highly professional and never rush into a treatment without giving accurate advises about it. She is very honest and reliable. I had different treatments at this clinic, both for my body and my face and I've never been disappointed. There are many other clinics in Manchester, some of them with "big names" but they often employ very young people with no experience, so when I feel to have a beauty treatment, I don't look around to find new places because I know where to go. Thank you Irina!

Anna L

Lipomassage by Endermologie
My experience of endermologie treatment was very positive.
It does definitely work but it is a commitment to the full course and you won’t see results overnight, but like many things, slowly but surely is best!
If you want to invest in yourself long term I would seriously consider it as the ‘icing on the cake’ to a reasonably healthy lifestyle.
The treatment itself is pleasant and invigorating.
Ireana is very experienced and knowledgeable and does not give you the ‘hard sell’ at any time.

Jeanette A

Skin treatments
I have been a customer of Laserina for over 3 years now and will not entrust my skin to anyone else but Irina. All treatments are performed to the highest standards and the customer service is exceptional. I have always been given very detailed information about every procedure and aftercare, and all my questions, even the most trivial ones, got answered and addressed. I am as a rule quite anxious about even the slightly invasive procedures (like a facial cleanse) but Irina always puts me at ease. On occasions when I had tried a procedure for the first time, Irina took care to follow up with me separately and recommended skincare regimens I could do at home on my own. My skin condition has visibly improved as a result . This is NOT a Bargain Basement type of business, but the prices are fair for the high quality of treatment you get. I have never felt pressured to purchase any procedures or continue with existing treatments on a prolonged basis, there is never any "hard selling" at Laserina- this isn't even needed anyway, as the results of Irina's expertise and thoroughness of her work speak for themselves. I absolutely recommend this place to anyone who is considering any offered procedures - come for a consultation, it's free in itself (you have to leave a deposit which is fully refundable if you don't want to proceed or deducted against your first bill if you do decide on a treatment), no-strings-attached and either way you will get advice from a highly skilled and qualified professional which might be of use to you regardless of whether you decide on any treatments.

Victoria K

Rosacea treatment
I came to see Irina Gorianova for a Rosacea treatment. The clinic is very clean and we are very well received. It's easy to have an appointment via mail or phone. Irina Gorianova is a professional with a real empathy for her customers. She is delicate and caring and her advice and acts are accurate and efficient. I recommend. Bonus : prices are affordables.

Guillaume D

Angioma | Skin Tag removal | deep tissue Massage
After visiting The Laserina Clinic on several occasions
to have angioma/skin tag removal and a back/shoulder massage, I can
honestly say that the treatments I received were professionally
performed and of high standard, they also came at a very reasonable
price. Highly recommended.

Alex K

Xanthelasma Removal | Familial Hypercholesterolaemia
For those that don't know I have a condition called Familial Hypercholesterolaemia which is genetically high cholesterol and as a side effect I got cholesterol spots around my eyes which destroyed my confidence. Luckily I found The LASERINA clinic and I am currently in the process of having them removed and after two sessions I feel so much better in myself. I recommend it anyone that has the same problem as me or knows someone to give the site a visit. It's really affordable and very effective. I can't praise them enough!

Peter R.

Xanthelasma treatment
Hi Irina, My Xanthelasma has almost gone. I have some photos I took a weekly intervals so since the treatment week one, two, three just needs to settle down now but feel so much happier in the way I see my self in the mirror now thank you. When I return in November I have a few more issues on my body that I want you to some treatment on. So I will call to make an appointment nearer the time. Thank you also for the lovely card you sent.
Many Thanks again
Amanda x

Amanda J. (click HERE to see Before and After)

Milia treatment
I visited you on 27th August for treatment on a skin tag and milia in the lower corner of my eye. You took some photos before and after for your records.
I wanted you to know that weeks on I am extremely pleased with the results as the tag and lumps are now gone.
Thank you for your great work. I have attached a new photo taken this week for you to use if you wish.
Kind regards.

Nancy L. (click HERE to see the Before and After picture)

Bio Sculpture Gel
I came to Laserina to have my Bio-sculpture nails done for a first time. Before I only have had a gel and classic manicure. I learnt a lot about benefits of Bio-sculpture nails and hope mine will last a long and healthy way. The clinic is very charming with highly professional service. I thoroughly enjoyed my treatment, thank you x

Marina G.

Acne treatment
I came to Laserina looking for a solution to my long-term acne problem, having tried quite a few treatments beforehand. Whilst I have only just started the course of treatment, what I really liked was the professionalism of the owner, Irina, who took her time to explain all possible options and outcomes. It was encouraging that she never made any outlandish promises of miracle cures, neither did she drive a hard sale of the services and treatments - which is what I had experienced in the past in other places. The first treatment I had at Laserina was deep facial cleansing - which indeed made a difference. Knowing my somewhat phobic approach towards being poked and prodded, Irina was very reassuring and explained every step of the treatment as she went along. The thoroughness of Irina's work resulted in my skin feeling much better, which hopefully be improving more and more with the subsequent treatments I take up there.
Overall, as Irina herself admitted, the prices at Laserina are not the cheapest, however the quality of service, professionalism and the atmosphere you get in return is more than worth what you're paying for. I really feel I am in good hands and look forward to becoming a more regular client!"

Victoria K.

Deep Tissue massage and Bio Sculpture Gel
I’ve had 2 treatments in this clinic: Deep tissue massage and Bio Sculpture Gel Nails. Due to speciality of my work and I have a lot of tension in my back and shoulders. The treatment I got was almost a miracle which relived my muscles and made we feel that I have a new back. They combine massage with the orthopaedic bed in this clinic and it makes HUGE difference. My nails lasted for ever!!! Despite my hands in water and chemicals all day every day this Gel not only stayed for a while but also made my nails stronger. Definitely will be back soon. Tested and highly Recommended!!!

Sevi A.

LIPOMASSAGE by Endermologie

The only thing you need to know is that IT WORKS!!! I'm hooked! It exceeded all of my expectations and after buying an initial course of 10, I topped it up buy further 5. Not only did I notice a significant reduction in the cellulite appearance after my 8th session but I was just ecstatic to lose inches off of my tummy and thighs by the end of the course. The results were just amazing! I also like that my appointments were lengthy because Irina worked every inch of my body.

Thank you for my NEW bikini figure and I am not giving up!!! See you soon xxx

Jane B.

3D skin rejuvenation

I was growing wiser and confident with age but at the same time I was loosing my young looking face. It lost its round contours I used to have when I was thirty and my jawline wasn't as firm.

Looking for a solution I wasn't very keen on Botox or fillers because I didn't want to loose my own expressions. The treatment course you advised me on did exactly what I wanted and I am very pleased with the result. Of course I will never look thirty again but I like what I see in the mirror.

Thank you very much and see you soon.

Sue D.

Express lashes

Had my lashes done with Irina last Friday, they look amazing, it's now Tuesday and they still look amazing , highly recommend , I have not had to ware make-up every day and when I do they finish my look . Very happy !!!!

Inger B.

Inch Loss Body Wrap + non-surgical Face Lift


I came in last night for my first ever body wrap and you very kindly also gave me a facial. I must thank you for the way you put me at ease with the procedure – the body wrap has made me feel good and quite toned and I can really see the difference in my skin after the facial. I shall definitely be back and have already recommended you to a friend of mine. This is the first time I have ever had anything like this done before and I can honestly say that I will be coming back to you.


Sue M


My face is absolutely fine today all of my redness has gone am at a family christening and so many people have told me I look so well, my sister in law just asked if I had had a facelift lol.

Jane M.


Morning to you all at Laserina, this is to all you people out there. I recently underwent a course of Ultrasonic Liposuction at the clinic and I have to say I'm delighted with the results. I have received many comments from family and friends saying how well I look, I have lost 2 inches around my waist and 6kgs in weight. It's not just the facts and figures though, I feel great inside, full of confidence with my new look, I play football and I've noticed how much fitter I am and how much quicker my recovery time is when I play. I put this down to the inches and kgs. that I lost thanks to the treatment. Thanks Irina.



Good morning,

I just wanted to leave you some feedback based on my recent treatments at the Laserina clinic.

I recently purchased a package which included the Inch Loss Body Wrap (one of) and the non intrusive Liposuction (3 of). I was told by Irina that I would need more that 3 of the Liposuction treatments in order to get the best results. I had my 3rd session on Saturday so I won't see the effects of this session for a few days perhaps. However, when Irina took my final measurements (after 3 treatments) I had lost 1 3/4 inches from under my breast area and 3/4 inch from my belly button. Wow, I was suitably impressed as these results came in two weeks.

Not only did I manage to lose that awkward bit of stubborn fat from my belly, I was in a really relaxed and friendly environment. I would definitely recommend this treatment.

Thanks Irina

Dawn G.


Hi Irina,

My arms are a vast improvement, I'm over the moon with them. They healed really well and there's just a few lightly coloured freckles left, but they're very even. The hardest job now is keeping them out of the sun until the wedding as I cycle to work and have to wear long sleeves in this hot weather!!!

I cannot thank you enough 🙂

Charlotte H

Slimming Package

Hi Irina, an update on the results of last treatments I had with you (endermologie and body wrap): immediately after the treatments I felt relaxed, refreshed and left feeling lighter. However, long term results are amazing! It seems the two treatments have kick started a weight loss as in the last four weeks I lost 1 stone 3lbs (I did not have to change my diet or lifestyle as it is pretty healthy!). I finally shifted the weight put on by my last pregnancy. Thank you 🙂

Marzena N

Vessels Removal
Thank you so much for the excellent treatment I received off you for vessel removal, within one day I have seen a great improvement and now don't have to spend ages covering up with makeup, just wish I had done it years ago you and your staff were all very warm and welcoming and I would highly recommend you to anybody.If you are thinking of having this treatment don't hesitate make your appointment today you won't be dissapointed, its the best thing I have ever done. Thank you again


Photo-rejuvenation & Acne Scarring
I wasn’t rushed through my treatment and so had plenty of time to ask questions. I had this treatment to improve my sun damaged skin and noticed big improvement of my post acne scarring. I am more than happy with results; better than expected.

Helen F.

All risks were clearly explained and I have been encouraged to ask questions. My friends and family commented on how well I look after I finished the course of treatments. I could not believe the difference when Irina showed me Before and After pictures. .

Tatiana S.

Instant Slimming Package
I have had my treatments this afternoon, i had a wondeful time. Normally i would not have this kind of pampering and having 2 small children i dont indulge in this way often. I have never had a professional facial or the body treatments. Really impressed with the wrap lost 3 inches and i did feel the difference afterwards especially on my stomach. I also wanted to say how absolutely lovely Irina and Nina were at the clinic, they could not have been warmer in their welcome to me. I always think salons are intimidating to average woman, well laserina is homely, welcoming and accommodating. I will be sure to visit again at some point in the future. Thank you for running the competition and thank you Nina and Irina xxx If you want to include any comments or want me to write a few lines for your magazine please let me know.

Lucy (the winner of 'View' competition)

Hair Removal
Hi Irina I have just come back from my summer holiday & wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my laser hair removal. Previous holidays have gone something like this: grow hair for 4 weeks in preparation for wax, book saloon appointment as close to departure date as possible but not too close for fear of redness, enjoy couple of days hair free then part way through second week hair regrowth would begin and spots appear. This year: packed swimsuit, went on holidays for 2 weeks of completely hair free. I cannot express enough how please I am with results & how much this has boosted my confidence. I can just pull on a swimsuit & go without having to check for rash or stubble. I also have best tan ever on legs which I assume is down to not shaving & resulting dryness. I only wish I had had it done sooner. Thanks so much from a very satisfied customer.


Hair Removal
Just completed a course of six treatments and wanted to express my delight at results. I had originally wanted treatment for my upper lip but as part of a promotion Irina offered underarm with upper lip free, what a bonus! I haven't had to shave underarms in between treatments and skin is improved as a result of not having to shave regularly. Facilities are immaculate and Irina is friendly, helpful and totally professional. Saving up for legs next!


Remedial Massage
Hi Irina I thought the massage was good - it definitely helped my usual problem areas (neck, shoulders, lower back), and I felt as though a couple of those sessions would really sort me out. I preferred it to the usual painful (but necessary!) experience. Despite the fact that I went to the gym afterwards (for an easy session) I still felt better in the evening and slept really well. To be honest i think there is room for both methods of massage, and I'd like to continue with the new style just to see what happens!! See you soon.


Vessels Removal, Rosacea
Good morning Irina Just to let you know that my face has been fine following the treatment.The redness went away after a few hours, and I even went out on Saturday night and no-one thought I looked red. On Sunday I was slightly puffy, and a tiny blister appeared on my nose and chin, but I have not picked them and have just been putting moisturiser on and staying out of the sun. Today the puffiness has gone and the blisters are both drying up. I am very pleased and I am looking forward to the next 'torture' session next month. Thank you very much once again, I think you were very informative, and also very caring when giving the treatment and I will recommend you to everyone I know.


Vessels Removal
Hi Irina Many thanks for your superb expertise on Thursday, my face has healed really well and I can see a big difference already (you did say lots of showers in hot water and plenty of saunas, didn't you ??!!). Thank you also for the time you spent on explaining every step of the procedure and making me feel confident about the treatment. Your name has already been passed onto friends. See you next month for my check up. Best wishes.

Loreto W.

Hair Removal
Dear Irina, I had now a complete course of IPL for my bikini line, underarms and lower legs and I am very pleased with the result. Just after the first session I could see the improvement straight away. After 3 sessions I did not even need to shave anymore! I just wanted to say how please I am. I am delighted with the service you are providing and with the professionalism and care that you give me…I can really see the nurse in you when you take the time to explain the effect and counter-effect of each treatment, and checking with my GP if I can get those treatments without issue with my Diabetes. I can’t wait to get the Endermologie course done and I will definitely book another massage at some point. The last one you gave me was bliss and sorted out my troubled neck. I look forward to my next treatment. Kind regards

Celine M.

Hello Irina, I didn't have any strong reaction to the patch test. I haven’t tried the cream yet as I’m waiting for the right time. Thank you very much for all the explanation you gave me. It’s not easy to make this decision. I sent you a picture showing what happened to me last time at the other clinic …don’t laugh. It’s one of the reason why I still hesitating between one treatment and the other. Difficult choice... Best Regards,


Bon jour! I'd like to let you know that I felt fab after my last session and didn't hurt at all. In fact my skin felt, and still feels rather lovely. Hope you enjoyed France and hope to see you Wednesday. (and then again on Thursday) Thanks,


Pigmentation & Vessels Removal
Hi Irina I thought I would just let you know that all pigment on my hands has completely cleared and they look great! Also the dark spot on my face has also gone. David's nose looks fantastic and even the lump has disappeared. So, big thank you from both of us and I'll be back in the new year.

Hayley and David S.

Vessels Removal
Hi Irina The redness lasted only a few hours but I did a very silly thing and cooked some chips later that evening and a little hot fat splashed onto my right cheek and made a blister- which is getting much better. The actual treatment is great I'm very pleased with the results. see you at my next appointment

Catherine G.

Non-surgical Face Lift
Hi Irina My skin is very affected by mt hormones now because of the drugs I am taking due to my fibrosis. Since I have started Face Lifting therapy with you I've noticed that the puffiness under my eyes does seem to have gone. I think that the overhang on my eyelids is improved. Frown lines are difficult to make on my forehead now. I would like to see results after 10 sessions, as we are now almost half way through. If indeed the course has a very positive effect, which I'm confident it will, I would like to continue with maintenance.