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LIGHT PROTECT ensures optimum dermal protection from UV radiation which is crucial before and after any laser or IPL treatment.

It is specially formulated to protect your skin from the harmful effects of both UVA and UVB rays, such as sun-induced skin damage, pigment changes and premature ageing.

With a 5***** Boots UVA rating, this moisturising SPF can not only be used as a optimum protection for laser treated skin, but also as extra-strength dermal daily protection; the perfect anti-ageing and moisturising combination.

The ulra-light texture is absorbed quickly by the skin and leaves it soft and silky, making it suitable for daily use and application under make-up.

It is the only one product on the market, at the moment, which does not leave any white residue on the skin.

This product is available to the LASERINA clinic customers only.

LIGHT PROTECT in Light and Medium

If you are looking for a SPF product which will give you high level of protection and won’t make your face white ghosty. Do not look any further! Tinted LIGHT PROTECT is the one which will cover, protect, moisturise and make you look younger.

The benefits of a moisturiser with the protection of an SPF 50+ sunscreen, to help prevent premature ageing of the skin through sun exposure:

● Contains a sheer tint with matt finish.
● Ideal for daily all year round use
● Suitable for under make-up
● All skin type moisturiser
● Suitable for acne prone and oily skin.
● Blocks UV-A and UV-B rays.

Activated Stem Cell Serum

A unique and patented anti-ageing serum, with a combination of three plant stem cells within an activated oxygen delivery system. Micro-formulated for deep penetration to increase proliferation of dermal fibroblasts for maximum collagen and elastin production:

• Stimulates dermal regeneration

• Boosts skin-cell renewal

• Repairs photo-ageing

• Intensely hydrates

• Stimulates cell metabolism