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Dracula Therapy™ appeals to patients looking for a more natural approach to facial rejuvenation without the use of synthetic fillers or animal products.

Which areas can be treated?

•  Crinkling skin around the eyes
•  Cheeks and whole face
•  Jaw line and Neck
•  Chest and Decolletage
•  Back of hands and arms
•  Any other body areas
•  Stimulate hair growth on scalp
•  Stretch Marks and scars
•  Acne & Surgical Scars
•  Sports Injuries
•  Muscles tension

personal experience

the truth about PRP

Dracula Therapy™ is a powerful anti-ageing treatment that involves plasma from your own blood as an injectable treatment known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy.

Platelets are full of Growth Factors which regulate the life of any cell in the body. All body organs contain inactive stem cells and once activated can lead to the formation of healthy new tissue. Dracula PRP Therapy ™ uses your own Plasma which has been separated from your Red Blood Cells and activated and then injected back into your body.
Because these are your own cells they won't be rejected by your body; no granulomas, bumps or lumps. There is also no risk of infection, asymmetry or allergy. This amazing treatment allows so many areas of the body to be treated at the same time. Only Plasma rich in Growth Factors allows for the stimulation of the cell healing process and collagen production in many different tissues.

The ageing process affects not only your Skin but also Bones, Muscles and Fat. Once the process has started, the only treatment to address all four layers is Dracula PRP Therapy ™.

PRP therapy can be combined with other treatments to boost overall RESULT. You will see advanced ANTI-AGEING effect if PRP therapy is combined with your SUN DAMAGE or ROSACEA treatments. DERMAPEN with PRP therapy will dramatically improve ACNE SCARRING . WRINKLE RELAXING injections will last longer if done together with PRP therapy. HYALURONIC ACID, VITAMINS and MINERAL can be added to PRP therapy to make your skin glowing almost immediately.

How is it performed?
A small sample of your blood (about the same amount as an average blood test) will be taken by a Medical Practitioner. It will be placed in centrifuge for separation of red blood cells, clear serum and platelets. Vitamins and amino acids can be added before this super-charged serum is injected into the patient, using tiny painless injections, in whichever area requires treatment.

So what does it do?
Essentially it allows the body to heal faster and more efficiently. It stimulates DNA repair, heals scars and makes dry lacklustre skin look and feel younger. Not only is it an amazing anti-ageing treatment, but it also has wider uses within the medical profession, including treating hair loss and sports injuries.

When will I see results?
Results are noticeable within 3-4 weeks and often only one treatment is required. Full collagen regeneration takes up to three months.

How often do I need to have it?
Some press reported that that ‘patients are advised to have three treatments at four-to-six week intervals.’ This is incorrect. Treatments twice a year would be sufficient to maintain the results and because of the on-going ageing process.

Where can I have it?
It works especially well for the forehead, around eye area, cheeks, neck, décolletage, hands, knees, elbows. It’s amazing at skin revitalisation, tackling scars (including acne scars) and stretch marks. Can be used for healing wounds, tendons and ligaments.

Is it bloody or/and painful?
It’s not bloody, painful or dangerous. The photographs of a red, bloody face that you may see in the press do not represent the true story of PRP Therapy. The plasma which is reach with platelets and used for the treatment is pale yellowish/clear liquid. The platelets release growth factors, which stimulate healing, skin repair and regeneration. The needle we use is very fine and we have particular protocols and technique for injecting. We also apply an anaesthetic cream prior to the treatment.

How will I look after the procedure
Your face may be a little tender, but you may return to your normal day-to-day routine straight away. The sensitivity will gradually subside other next 24-72 hours. Slight bruising, swelling and redness are possible short term side effects which may be visible for 2-3 days.

It’s not a new treatment
The existence of growth factors was first discovered by Dr Stanley Cohen and Dr Rita Levi-Montalcini in the 1950’s, this discovery opened the doors for PRP, and they were subsequently awarded the Nobel Prize for their work. More than 3,000 medical studies have since been published proving its effectiveness. These days PRP is used in various fields of medicine including dental, orthopedic, eye laser surgery, plastic surgery, heart surgery and, most commonly, to treat sports injuries.

The fact that the injections are autologous (from the patients own blood) with nothing added means the use of PRP on sportspeople does not contravene anti-doping regulations. In summary, this is not a new procedure, but one with medical substance.

Guide Price:

Skin Rejuvenation/Facelift – from £350 Per Treatment

Sports Injuries – from £350 Per treatment

Hairloss – from £350 Per Treatment

Course of 2X PRP Platelet Rich Plasma treatments – from £600