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At the LASERINA clinic, we have extensive experience of providing independent medico-legal expert reports. Our Registered Nurse Prescriber, Irina Gorianova,  has over 30 years of surgical and medical experience and over 15 years of medical aesthetic experience.

We normally deal with Personal Injury Solicitors or rehabilitation organisations acting on their behalf. Irina is experienced in preparing reports for the purpose of court proceedings.  Her report typically includes an assessment of a skin condition caused by an injury,  the suitability of a particular medical or aesthetic treatment, or an objective description of recommended therapies.  The report also includes our opinion on the injury's extent and on how long a person is likely to suffer from it (known as the prognosis period), and estimated cost.


We can provide following a report for the following conditions:

  • Burns
  • Surgical scarring
  • Self-inflicted scarring
  • Skin discolourations
  • Excessive Pigmentation
  • Vascular Irregularities

And following treatments:

  • Medical Grade Skin Camouflage
  • Laser and IPL
  • PRP (platelet rich plasma)
  • Microneedling
  • Endermologie
medical legal report

To review the skin damage following the incident, our medical practitioner will need a copy of the medical history and any previous independent assessments. This documentation will provide an initial insight into the claimant’s medical history and  the circumstances of injury.

The expert then meets with the claimant to assess the skin condition caused by injury. The details of a diagnosis and prognosis of the healing process are recorded. This initial consultation may also include a discussion of recommended treatment, a patch test, if required, or the actual therapy. Our medical practitioner is able to provide recommendations for a variety of scarring and skin discolouration treatments as well as performing the actual treatments if instructed to do so.

Our medical expert will make sure that the evidence provided, in respect of the injuries sustained, is as accurate and relevant as possible. Photographic evidences will be provided alongside the report.


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