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DEEP SKIN therapy

enhances the cell renewal process and lymph circulation by advanced deep exfoliation. It is designed to clean black heads and diminish large pores. The RESULT is instant and normally lasts for 3 - 4 weeks. There is no need for a course but regular treatments are recommended.

Hot Towels are used instead of Steaming till further notice due to COVID-19

Ultrasonic Deep therapy includes:

● Steam with aromatherapy or hot towels
● Tonic oxygenation with ozone
● Manual Extraction of impurities
● Ultrasonic Deep Skin Exfoliation
● Mechanical Facial Up-lifting
● Calming Masks
● Massage, Moisturisation and Sun Protection


● Brightening products application
● Medical Grade Glycolic Exfoliation

Many skin problems are caused by, or are associated with, an excessive build-up of dead skin cells making the skin thick and dull. It also leads to clogged pores that look unsightly and can make us feel insecure. However, you might have noticed that trying to extract black heads or comedones yourself, either by squeezing or picking, only makes things worse. It can even lead to scarring or skin can become infected by staphylococci, streptococci and other bacteria resistant to treatment. This is especially true with acne. And this is why it is best to seek professional help with getting rid of some skin conditions.

What can deep skin cleansing do for me?

Deep cleansing kills bacteria, decreases oiliness of the skin, and makes it feel cleaner and look radiant again. This procedure is suitable for everyone as anyone's skin can become polluted by our surrounding environment.

Any deep skin therapy also has certain rejuvenation effects. It promotes the process of cell renewal by deep exfoliation, and also by enhancing blood circulation. Moreover, cleansing the skin of harmful toxins and acne-causing bacteria encourages natural lymphatic drainage. The additional benefits of deep cleansing therefore also include a firmer and brighter appearance of the treated skin.

Milia can also be addressed during deep skin therapy. It is a condition caused by dead skin cells getting trapped inside pores, causing inflammation and a formation of white heads containing a protein called keratin. The heads are usually 1mm or 2mm wide. Milia removal is quick, painless, and does not cause scaring.

The ultrasonic deep skin therapy consists of:

  1. ozon steaming or hot towels,
  2. deep cleansing with manual extraction,
  3. ultrasonic exfoliation,
  4. a treatment mask and facial massage for better product absorption.

1. Steaming or hot towels:

This part of the treatment focuses on opening your pores. It is performed with the use of a facial ozone steamer that loosens dirt clogged in the pores and increases cell oxygenation. This also moistens your skin, preparing the top layer for deep exfoliation.

2. Manual extraction

removes pimple-producing debris from clogged pores, getting rid of blackheads and whiteheads, and clearing out acne lesions. This can help prevent their reoccurring formation and generally improves the results of the next stages of deep skin therapy. A tiny device may be used for extraction with minimal discomfort. The procedure should only be performed by an expert in clean conditions.

3. Ultrasonic Exfoliation

uses safe sound waves that penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin. This technique reduces the ageing process by tightening and firming your skin. Furthermore, the ultrasonic waves vastly improve the absorption of nutrients into the skin. The vibrations of the ultrasonic waves remove dead cells from the top layer of the skin, and oiled waste that clogs up pores. As an additional benefit, ultrasound also minimises large pores and improves elasticity of the skin, thus functioning as a natural face lift.

4. Cooling mask & massage

has a soothing effect by controlling skin inflammation (swelling, redness and associated discomfort) and improves lymphatic drainage. The mask will be applied towards the end of procedure, right before a facial massage and application of sub-damage protection moisturiser. These final stages increase the healing process following the deep skin cleansing.

Adds on:

The basic treatment consisting of stages described above usually lasts 40-60min, depending on the complexity of your skin condition. It may take up to 2 hrs if Deep Skin therapy is combined with Dermapen or Laser treatment. Should you wish to combine the deep skin therapy with either of these additional treatments, we will book you in for an additional appointment for a patch test prior to the actual treatment.

Glycolic Peeling

can greatly enhance the result of deep skin exfoliation. It is applied only briefly, and acts to slightly dilute the natural intracellular glue in the skin, allowing for faster exfoliation and more effective pore cleansing.

This treatment will help people who suffer from Melasma. We can combine a special brightening complex within Deep Skin to achieve moderate Lightening effect for your unwanted pigmentation.

Dermapen (Microneedling)

Ultrasonic Deep Skin Therapy can be combined with Dermapen to achieve advanced collagen induction, and new skin regrowth. The Dermapen® treatment can provide drastic improvements to the appearances of scars. Additionally, it can improve blood supply to the treated area, helping maintain healthier skin. This therapy also visibly diminishes large pores. This combination will be beneficial to patients suffering from Light Acne and Acne Scarring. A course of treatments might be necessary, but even a one-off session might be effective depending on the severity of your scarring.

Laser / IPL

Ultrasonic Deep Skin can be combined with light assisted therapy to treat acne and provide longer-term benefits safely and effectively. This combination of treatments will help destroy acne bacteria and limit activity of the sebaceous glands. Thanks to the overall reduced inflammation, this treatment can lead to long term remission of acne.

Do I need a consultation?

You do not need to book a separate consultation for the basic Deep Skin therapy, but could have one if you wish to. In this case, the treatment will not be done on the same visit. You will not be hustled or pushed into buying anything at your first consultation. Its purpose is for our practitioner to provide necessary knowledge and enhance your understanding of the treatment and the technology we use.

We do not treat children under the age of 16 at our clinic. Children at 16 or older will need to bring a referral letter from their GP.

Price Guide:

Basic Deep Skin £85
Deep Skin + Millia removal £145
Acne Therapy £170 (with Glycolic Peel)
Brightening Complex £315 (with lightening medicated cream)
Deep Skin Plus £335 (combined with Dermapen)
Laser Plus £365 (Deep Skin combined with Laser/IPL)

You can contact us by e-mail: therapy@laserina.co.uk