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Gentle, natural and effective therapy for better health.

Endermologie, FULL BODY mechanical deep tissue therapy offers a lot of general health benefits. This technology allows efficient toxins elimination by stimulating major body systems such as blood and lymph flow. Endermologie can treat connective tissue disorders such as burns, scars, as well as post-operative swelling, circulation problems, muscle tension and aches. Endermologie for health will reduce physical signs of tissue trauma and relive painful symptoms naturally without any side effects. It promotes well-being feeling and boosts energy level.


Benefits of the treatment:

  • Pain FREE treatment
  • Quick Visible Results
  • Smoother and Healthier Skin
  • NO injections, laser or surgery involved
  • Improvement of blood vessels structure
  • Stimulation of natural fat cells reduction
  • Pleasant non-invasive Relaxing Treatment
  • Stimulation and restoration of blood and lymph flow
  • Acceleration of metabolism & increase of energy
  • Stimulation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production

Endermologie® was originally developed in France in the 1980s as a treatment for scarring and burns.
Surgery, inflammation and infection can leave you with scarring, swelling and pain. These side effects can develop as a result of physical trauma to the tissue, decreased blood supply and disturbed lymph drainage. Endermologie therapy is able to minimise swelling, slow down formation of fibrous tissue and improve the appearance of the scars.

Scars and Post-Surgery symptoms

Endermologie® helps healing process on several levels by draining the scar tissue oedema, vascularisation, tissue oxygenation, combating adhesions, increasing mobility of the superficial plane. Endermotherapy thus allows, first and early treatment around the periphery of the scar tissue, and then on the scar itself. The gentle painless approach allows treatment of the areas that are still inflamed while taking their sensitivity into consideration.

Endermologie® allows quicker reduction of the inflammatory state, cutaneous elasticity, the detachment of adhesions and the recovery of joint mobility. The aesthetic gain is also undeniable: the skin appears less “hard” and its colour and pigmentation are closer to normal, to the great satisfaction of the practitioners and their patients.

Water retention

Excessive water retention caused by poor blood circulation in the veins can take place after surgery, trauma or as a result of chronic venous insufficiency, known as varicose veins. Fluid Retention can be treated with Endermologie special therapeutic program that allows rapid improvement of the affected area by the stimulation of lymph drainage, blood flow and oxygenation of the affected tissue.

At the LASERINA clinic we mainly treat people who suffer from varicose veins and joint swelling.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins are a very common medical condition in which superficial veins become enlarged and twisted.[2][1] These veins typically develop in the legs, just under the skin.[3]   Varicose veins have no specific cause and believed to have hereditary predisposition. They can develop as a result of; excess weight, prolonged sitting or standing, legs trauma, pregnancy, prolonged exposure to heat, etc.

Endermologie cannot illuminate varicose veins but it can greatly relive the symptoms of this condition. Pain, heavy sensation in the legs and swelling can be reduced over course of a few treatments and be controlled with regular follow-up sessions.

My legs felt so light after the treatment. I cannot even remember the time when I had my legs pain and weight sensation free. I also feel very energetic after every session. Irina is so experienced and knowledgable. I can highly recommend her and the Endermologie treatment.

J White

It is recommended that a maintenance program of Endermologie treatments be carried out after the initial course.

Swelling, pain and bruising

Pain, bruising and swelling can be common side effects of any surgery or trauma. Endermologie® early application can rapidly reduce the implication and duration of these immediate surgical after-effects. The technique is gentle but at the same time has qualities of a powerful mechanical lymphatic drainage. Sometime, only a few treatments are required to significantly reduce the swelling and therefore decrease the pain.

My daughter dislocated her kneecap at school. That was a very stressful and painful experience for her and for the whole family. She could not walk without aid of crutches; her knee was very swollen, and we couldn’t reduce swelling neither with medicated creams nor with cold compress. We decided to visit the Laserina Clinic for Endermologie treatment following a friend advice who had this therapy for similar injury. My daughter had Endermologie lymphatic drainage at 2pm, at 6pm the swelling reduced significantly and we could see her kneecap. The swelling completely disappeared after the second treatment. That was an impressive result! Thank you very much Irina @ Laserina!

O Mech

Muscle tension and aches

Muscle tension can occur from overexercising or as a result of repetitive strain injury. The overstrained muscle is usually contracted, painful and malnourished. Endermologie will warm the muscles up and reduce local inflammation. The procedure insures the appropriate nutrition of the tissue by stimulation of blood flow. It also allows sufficient lymphatic drainage for elimination of toxins. This treatment may significantly reduce the pain and tension in the muscle.


  • Your result is our pride
  • We are trained in France by LPG
  • We provide an advanced technique
  • Have extensive experience and medical background
  • We offer weekend and late evening appointments

Do I need a consultation?

You do not need to book a separate consultation for the Endermologie for health therapy, but could have one if you wish to. In this case, the treatment may not be done on the same visit. You will not be hustled or pushed into buying anything at your first consultation. Its purpose is for our practitioner to provide necessary knowledge and enhance your understanding of the treatment and the technology we use.

We do not treat children under the age of 16 at our clinic. Children at 16 or older will need to bring a referral letter from their GP.

Price Guide:

from £50 for a small area or joint