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Personal experience of Dracula PRP therapy.

Personal experience of Dracula PRP therapy.

After successfully treating so many patients in my clinic with Dracula PRP therapy I managed to get together with my colleague to experience this wonderful treatment ourselves.

The first time I heard about PRP (platelets rich plasma) was from my customer asking if I saw the Kim Kardashian pictures in Daily Mail. I found the paper story and wasn’t impressed. Making my customers’ faces covered with blood has never been my intention. I decided that it wasn’t an appropriate treatment for my clinic.

Time went by and at the 4th Aesthetic conference in Liverpool an Irish nurse, Claudia McGloin, did a presentation on PRP (platelets rich plasma) therapy. But the story, this time, was very different. It came to my attention that the generics of Kim Kadrashian treatment and the real PRP therapy are the same. Yes, blood is used for both treatments but not the whole blood. The secret of the real treatment is in plasma, precisely, in platelets which live in plasma. Their DNA is programmed to repair. During PRP therapy they becoming charged and injected where that repair is necessary.

After careful consideration, I chose the trainer and set my feet at the London clinic where Dr Sister unveiled all amazing benefits of Dracula PRP therapy. I discovered that as everything genuine it was very simple and straight forward and of course it made its way to Aesthetics from the medical sphere.

By that time, PRP was successfully used for a few decades in Cardio surgery, Dentistry, Sport medicine, Orthopedics and many other medical fields where speedy recovery would be desirable.

At the clinic, we introduced a Special Offer to our regular customers who would come back and show us their result. As an added advantage, I am very good at blood taking. My nursing career started in the acute A & E laboratory where I gained skills of phlebotomy and different tests performance. Therefore, this part of the procedure was quick and easy for my customers. 4 weeks later, they all reported that the treatment met and even exceeded their expectations. From fairly young customers who were in their late 30s to those in their late 60s, everybody saw skin density improvement, face lifting, skin rejuvenation and volume increase. Faces, necks and hands were looking fresher, tighter and younger.

We have observed that younger patients do not bruise much and have slight swelling for a couple of hours. Some of the older people tend to be swollen till the following morning and can have some bruising for a few days. In fact, bruising enhances results as the local mild inflammation caused by it forces further collagen restructuring and improvement.

I then contacted my friend Angela, aesthetic practitioner, with the offer to treat each other with PRP therapy. She liked the idea and we set our treatment day.

Angela is almost 10 years younger then me and she hasn’t had any prolonged swelling. She also reported no bruising on her face or neck. I, however, was slightly swollen until the following morning and had slight bruising on my forehead and around the right eye. It didn’t make me feel uncomfortable and I carried on seeing my customers at the clinic within a week. Some of them even didn’t notice small marks on my face.

We’ve taken our pictures before and after 6 weeks. To say I am pleased with the result is to say nothing! Despite taking steroids for Asthma and so being not a very good candidate for this treatment, I saw significant improvement of the area under my eyes. My skin looks great. The whole structure of my face looks tighter and lifted. I had small skin growths which quite a few women get with age – they disappeared. My eyelids lifted, so now when I apply eyeliner, I can actually see it. The amount of comments I received about my fresh look is countless.

I also injected my forearm because I pulled the ligament in it during some house building last year and since then I was always in pain. I couldn’t even sleep with my arm straight out. The next day after the procedure, the pain had gone and never came back.

This is what Angela had to say about her Dracula PRP experience:

“I was hopeful that the PRP therapy would generally rejuvenate my skin and improve my scars but I was truly astonished at the results. Following trauma to my face 6 months previously, I had quite severe scarring to the bridge of my nose, my chin and, in particular, below my nose. All the scars were angry and red but the one under my nose was hypertrophic (raised and bumpy) and very noticeable. All were visible despite using the very best opaque concealers and foundations. My confidence was diminished because of them.

Following the treatment, I could see significant improvement to the scars within days. The redness to all three scars reduced dramatically within four weeks and after six, the most obvious of the three has reduced in size, become much lighter in colour and has flattened out. I was able to cover all the scars easily with make up after the second week and now I am happy to go out without makeup on.

Regarding rejuvenation, I have been stunned at the level of improvement the procedure has brought. I generally appear more rested. My eyes are brighter and more ‘awake’ and my dark circles have dramatically reduced. I have noticed a reduction in pore size (something which has bothered me for a while), fullness to my cheeks and a fantastic improvement in the definition of my jawline. My hands were also treated and I have noticed a definite improvement in the youthfulness there too.

I have recommended PRP to everyone I know. It is without doubt the most effective facial rejuvenation treatment I have ever had.”

The treatment has long lasting result and once a year session should be enough to wake up and lift your face, but with both of us seeing such a vast improvement, we have already booked ourselves in for another treatment late November just in time for Christmas.

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