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As a Laser Protection Supervisor I was approached by Beauty Equipment distribution company to test their new IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) machine before the company could offer it for sale to beauty salons and colleges for training.

It is vitally important which technology is used for any treatment to achieve BEST long lasting result. Especially when it comes to IPL/Laser. Machine develops very high, over 70°C temperatures, during the treatment which can easily damage the skin and therefore only in hands of an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner IPL/Laser technology is precisely delivered to the treatment site an considered to be safe and effective.

Since the deregulation of Lasers/IPL machines in 2010, there has been growing unease in the industry that unscrupulous salons are cutting corners when it comes to Light assisted technology, and giving a bad name to the industry as a whole. An ongoing concern in the market is that therapist can easily go online and buy imported machine that do not meet EU standards.

I have tested the NEW IPL machine over 4 months and was pleased with its outcome. There were a few successful case studies concluded. I also shared my personal safe IPL application experience and supervised trainers with different light assisted treatments. The machine proved to be effective for:

Hair Removal



Pigmentation treatment


Sun Damage treatment



Skin Rejuvenation



At the LASERINA clinic we can reassure our customers by showing an advanced Laser/IPL BTEC qualifications along with over 25 years of medical and 16 years of Aesthetic expertise. The clinic had been registered with Care Quality Commission.

We use Lynton IPL/Laser technology – Experts in Aesthetic for the past 20 years.

Since 1994 they’ve been providing exceptional products with unrivaled after-sales support in the areas of Laser, IPL and aesthetic technology.

Innovative design and manufacturing, combined with a commitment to their customers, has led to their reputation as the UK’s premier supplier of aesthetic technology to salons, private clinics and the NHS.

At the LASERINA clinic we achieve long lasting results and continues recommendations from our happy customers.

To make a FREE no obligation consultation for any treatments call 0161 969 4190 or email: therapy@laserina.co.uk

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