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Russian Charity Evening on 16th January 2015, which was organised by the LASERINA clinic and Regina Bradley and held in the St Petersburg Russian Restaurant & Club in Manchester was a HUGE success.

We collected just a few pound shy of £600 (initial count)- pure donation which will go to the new born children orphanage in Kazan, Russia . We’ve done so much work and it paid out. We just hope that all our guests had as much fun as us.
Famous Russian folk dance “Kalinka” performed by Irina Gorianova, the LASERINA clinic owner and Elena Simms, Russian Language tutor at Manchester University during our Russian Charity event on 16th January 2015.

We want to say a special HUGE THANK YOU to Elena Zabornikova, Vlad Zab, Daiga Berzina, Regina Bradley, Yulia Evans, Eduards Brods, Елена Александровна, Slava Frolov, Arman Vard, Sergei Kotcherine Elena Simms, Trevelyan Harper, Irina Orell and others…..

Sponsors of our CHARITY EVENING:
Irina  Rumyantseva – a very talented Artist
Slava Frolov – Acrobat/Entertainer
Daiga Berzina – Opera singer/songwriter
Eduards Grieznis – piano tutor/Pianist/Event Manager
Yulia Evans – singer


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