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One of the main principles used on our Orthopedic Bed is a manipulation procedure which includes soft tissue and joint manual therapy in areas of trigger points to control the body's physiological and pathological conditions. It helps to ease muscle tension and provides immediate relaxation.
Massage action of the bed allows relaxation of the muscles and tendons along and around the spine - the center of your central nervous system, relaxing hardened nerve roots, relieving tension and improving the lymph flow.
The central nervous system controls and coordinates the body. You body will function well if the spinal cord and nerve branches are free ,flexible and not compressed by misalignment of the vertebraes.
The heating action of the bed allows restoration of body's energy, blood and lymph circulation. Specially designed volcanic rocks and natural metals alloy of the rollers allows intense penetration of infrared rays to the deep tissues of the body enhancing the effect of the treatment.

Even after one session you will appreciate the benefits of this treatment. Course of at least 5 session at the rate of 2/3 treatments per week is recommended.

We also recommend combining Orthopedic Bed treatment with Deep Tissue Massage which will ensure that all body systems are balanced and in working order by maintaining muscles supple and flexible.