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Russian Mesotherapy treatment favourited by Madonna.

Russian Mesotherapy treatment favourited by Madonna.

Bio-revitalisation treatment which dramatically improves skin qualities and admired by Madonna is available at our clinic.

Bio-revitalisation, one of Mesotherapy methods, popular in South America and Eastern Europe was initially imported from Russia. In 2007, the American scientists proved that the injection of hyaluronic acid started the stimulation of collagen synthesis and skin moisturising and its fragmentation slowed down. In addition, the production of own hyaluronic acid was stimulated. Thus, the skin is not only moisturised, but also their properties are restored and strong lifting is obtained due to newly formed derma fibres. Therefore, by performing bio-revitalisation with hyaluronic acid preparations, after minimum number of procedures (3 procedures with the pause of 3-4 weeks) it is possible to receive long-term and yet improving skin look (due to induced collagen synthesis). Patients reviews of bio-revitalisation procedure are only positive.

Treatment involves micro-injections of hyaluronic acids and vitamin complex. It takes around 45-minute, to perform 80-100 tiny pinpricks delivering the product into the layer of the skin stimulating production of collagen and reducing signs of ageing.

Normally 3 monthly treatments are necessary to see significant improvement but even after one session skin looks plumper, brighter and tighter. The best areas which will respond to this treatment is around eyes, mouth, hands and decollete. The full face treatment can be combined with general Mesotherapy which involves deeper technique.

Immediately after the treatment the hands will be covered with micro-papules which will disappear withing 24-72 hours. The experience is slightly uncomfortable but the anaesthetic cream applied 40 min prior to treatment will minimise the discomfort. The difference is skin quality can be seen as soon as 4-5 days after the treatment. Bio-revitalisation is a stimulating therapy – the skin revitalises itself due to hyaluronic preparations. Therefore, the final result will be seen in 3-4 weeks.

after the treatment


next day


in 3 days


after 2nd session



Left (treated) hand is visually smooth and plumper. Veins that were very pronounced before the treatment are now bedded under much thicker skin with fresh and revived collagen. There is also less sun damage (pigmentation).  The skin presents increased tonus and elasticity.  The colour is improved, the skin obtained “radiant” look, minor wrinkles become even and skin structure has been restored.


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