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13 Local TV studios have broadcasted the 4th Episode from my "CORONAVIRUS SURVIVAL GUIDE - MAKING A PLANTER.


This is continuing to be once a week regular appearance. I am presenting the viewers throughout the UK with down to earth, practical advice on how to survive in difficult times with help from LGBTv/STUDIO 209.

In the difficult times like we are experiencing at the moment, it is important to stay positive and look after your own mental health. Everyone will have their own way of dealing with stress, isolation and loneliness. I personally need a project which makes me busy and my brain occupied.

Growing up in Russia and going through Perestroika period have made the current situation much easier to cope for me.

In those time, everyone was expected to work hard for what they wanted in live, especially after WWII. Because we lost so many men, women became the main breadwinners, bringing up children, supporting their families financially, working and studying.

I've learnt a lot during my youth years from adults surrounding me, and I constantly use those skills to save money. I experiment with new ideas and even move from country to country.

With an reach of some 7 million people & an expected audience of 2.8 million, the segments can be seen at various times through the U.K. & broadcast on:

Channel 7 Freeview

Virgin Media 159

in the following areas: Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, North Wales, Teeside, Tyne & Wear, Nottingham, Sheffield, Belfast, Kent and Brighton.

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