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A few years ago, when Groupon and alike cheap deal companies were introduced, some of our customers decided to go for a cheaper deal. But like anything that sounded too good to be true, this situation didn’t exactly play out in their favor.

Good technology is expensive to run. By introducing a cheap deal, many practitioners were forced to “cut corners” to justify the amount of time and consumables they spent earning pennies from sold cheap coupons.

Those customers who had left us in the race for a cheaper deal started coming back to us shortly after. That was how we found out those horror stories of them being cheated on and burned.

The prices they paid for hair or vessels removal were minuscule, so was the result. A few reported and ask for help with burns which we didn’t have to advice on because of no involvement at the first place, but helped and guided due to our professional approach. Others commented on no changes to hair growth following a few hair removal sessions. We’ve heard that both legs hair removal costed £35 and time spend on the treatment lasted hardly 15 minutes. That would indicate to any Laser professional that the treatment was not done efficiently and a lot of hairs would be untreated.

The collective final verdict was – waste of time and money. All of those who returned stated that looking for a cheaper deal was huge mistake.

As a user of of medical devices, produced by leading major suppliers and manufacturers, we continue to develop high quality services providing outstanding and consistent clinical results. Lynton Lasers and Dermapen are passionate about science. From the very beginning their reputation for providing superior equipment was evident.

At the LASERINA clinic we believe in and use the best cutting edge slimming and anti-ageing technology. We never promised eternal youth to anybody but guarantee durable and efficient results with all our BODY and FACE treatments. We can certainly make you look younger, fresher, brighter with a proven combination of targeted treatments. 

Our expertise guarantees that you can depend on our professionalism, reliability and safety. We have gained a lot of experience with Laser and anti-ageing aesthetic technology and have been successfully providing great results for past 10 years with no complaint history.


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